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Download Bittime Core

A blockchain to save text, photo and file hash

Let bit lock your time and remember your moment forever

Version & Size

15.5 MB
Mac OS X
Mac OS X
Waitting for a new release
Waitting for a new release

How to use

For Windows:
  • Support Windows 8, 10 or higher versions of 64 bit system;
  • Download the Windows version;
  • Unzip it to a local folder for example "D:\Bittimecore\";
  • Change the EXE file name to "Bittimecore.exe";
  • Create a subfolder "data" under the folder "D:\Bittimecore\";
  • Create a shortcut for the EXE file;
  • Change the shortcut properties's target to:

    D:\Bittimecore\Bittimecore.exe -gen=1 -datadir=./data -myname=yourname -txindex=1

    * -gen=1 , let the program to start mining;
    * -data=./data , let the program to save blockchain data to folder "D:\Bittimecore\data\";
    * -myname=yourname , name your miner node, yourname consists of letters of uppercase or lowercase, and it shouldn't include spaces or special characters.
    * -txindex=1 , let the program to create index file so that it may display the column Nonce, Blockheight, Blockhash correctly.
  • After the above configuration, now you may click the shortcut to launch the program and start mining.
For Mac OS X:
For Linux:

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