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Bittime Core

A blockchain to save text, photo and file hash

Let bit lock your time and remember your moment forever

Source Code
What is Bittime ?
Bittime was forked from Bitcoin block chain network. It uses block chain and peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or data center; and it has the below features:
  • Extends OP_RETURN data storage to 1024 bytes;
  • Saves text or file hash more effectively;
  • Manages transactions;
  • Issues time coins by mining;
  • Nobody owns or controls the Bittime network and everyone can take part in it.
  • Uses the network to design and develop your own APPs.
Bittime is an open-source project and its design is public. We can't keep time, but we should keep those things happened in our life. The main purpose of designing Bittime is to let bit lock our time, save those things that had ever happened and shouldn't be forgotten. That is, LET BIT LOCK YOUR TIME, REMEMBER SOMETHING FOREVER.
Bittime Blockchain Network

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